My Experience with a Dementia Client

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My Experience with a Dementia Client

As a caregiver, I decided to set a positive mood for interaction and while interacting with the client I always made sure that there was a convergence between non-verbal and verbal cues. I always talked to the patient in a pleasant and respectful manner and always reiterated that it was a pleasure to be taking care of them, even on their bad days. 

The patient used to be quite aloof always seemed to be in her own world and would have the radio or the tv on, in either of the rooms. Sometimes she would tell me that it helped her not to think, and stay calm.

Whenever her family came to visit, they always pleasantly greeted me and thanked me for taking care of her. I was hired when she was already in the second stage of her diagnosis, so there were both good and bad days.

I initially asked her simple questions so I knew a little about her and offered her bits of information about myself too. I always ensured that she never felt that she didn’t have control over her own life, and always allowed her freedom of choice when it came to planning a week, or for a holiday. I maintained a cheerful disposition and set her daily routine to her tasks rather than the clock. I found this to help relieve her anxiety from being unable to tell what time it was. 

Since these patients feel confused it is crucial for us caregivers maintain simplicity in their lives and allow them autonomy without restricting their freedom. 

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